Pilot Pick Me Ups

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Betty Schneider and Judy Fox (representing the Pilot Club) donate a basket of "goodies, a prayer shawl,  and other useful items to Dade Cannon and his mother, Christy Huslig.  Great Bend Pilots contributed items for this basket that can be useful when spending large amounts of time traveling to and waiting in hospitals. Our club was touched by Christy and her story about Dade and his 8 year battle with leukemia. Dade was diagnosed at age 5, and now is 13 yrs old.  He is waiting to be healthy enough for a bone marrow transplant.  He does have a matched donor.  The photo depicts the happy well adjusted teenager he is.  He has a big brother Micah Yellow-Wolf, who is also a great caregiver for Dade. Christy requests eligible people to get tested as a donor and get on the register.  Donors are always in high demand and testing is easy, just a mouth swab.  Our thoughts & prayers are for his remission and safe travel to multiple doctor's appointments.

gifts for nurses week in Hutch.jpg

Nancy Rogers, Hutch Hospital employee, Mary Cramer, Joyce Fry and Norma Ward present gifts bags to the nurses at Hutchinson Hospitalfor Nurses" Week.  The bags & items were donated by KS-Mo District Pilots at Spring Convention.


Betty Schneider baked over 3 dozen cookies for each shift at the downtown fire station for their continued service to our community. Theresa Wilkes (not pictured) also baked over 3 dozen for the police department.

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Joyce Fry baked 3 dozen cookies for the West Fire Station in appreciation for their commitment to the community.

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Rhonda Knudson baked cookies for the 911 employers in appreciation  for their hard work.


Jari Marietta & Judy Fox presented loaded backpacks with school supplies to Park School teacher. 

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Mercedes Helms & Joyce Fry load backpacks with supplies collected by Pilot Club members for Park & Riley Schools.

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Cindy Meitller (Pilot Club) decorates the outside of bags that will be given to REACH patrons for Christmas.

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50 dalmatian dogs with the fire departments'logo were presented to the fire departmentrepresented by  Eugene Perkinsand  Mike Napolitano by Betty Schneider (president), Janice Walker (projects chair) and Renee Johnson (governor-elect) as a pick me up for children involved in a fire or trauma situations.  Pilots elected to give the Great Bend Fire Department a pick me up in appreciation for their service to our community and they chose to give these dogs to traumatized  children instead. Holding onto something soft of their won gives them comfort.

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Great Bend Pilots hold the Dalmatian dogs donated to the fire department for traumatized children they are involved with during a fire, MVA or domestic violence.