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Bettty and Ros

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Marty and Cindy

Pilot Club News

Pilots tie fleece blankets for the “Warm Embrace Project” for the children in foster care. 17 fleece blankets of various colors were tied after a business meeting at Perkins Courtyard. Working on the blankets provided a wonderful opportunity to do a community project and allows the Pilots a chance to gossip and catch up family events.

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Mary Lou, Barbara, Daniel and Nicci tie two blankets after the business meeting.


Great Bend Pilot Club is sponsoring an event at KFC to raise money for Alzheimer’s on Tuesday, September 3rd. Event runs all day, don’t forget the flyer with your purchase.

Pilot club members attend Hearland District social at the Pratt museum.

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Mary Cramer (Breat Bend Pilot CLub), Flo Parson (Pratt) and Rose Hammerschmidt from GCPC Pilot Club in Bartlesville, Ok.

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Betty Schneider visiting with Heartland District governor, Faye Kuhn from Pratt.

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Renee Johnson, Marsha Johnson and Mary Cramer at the social at the Pratt museum.

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Betty Schneider sells candles made from Arrowhead West (the project chosen for the leadership convention in Pratt). Marilyn Kopke and Vickie Richardson sell changes on a chocolate basket (items donated by Great Bend Pilots). Both were part of the fundraising division plans to rasie money for upcoming projects.

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At Heartland District convention, Janice Walker ( Elizabeth Leonard founder of Pilot Club), Mary Cramer (Carolyn Smith the first president of Pilot CLub), and Nancy Sundahl ( waitress) present a script written by Rhonda Knudson about how Pilot Club was started.